Parkley Fishery

Parkley Fishery was once a rocky outcrop that was purchased in 1926 by Linlithgow Town Council from the Shanks family of Parkley Place Farm.

Parkley Quarry
Parkley Quarry

It was bought to quarry whinstone for roads and kerbs. The quarry had its own crusher and rock was blasted from this rocky outcrop for approximately 20 years.

As incoming water was always a problem while quarrying, it was then abandoned and a few years later used as water storage for the Linlithgow town supply. The quarry could store 10,000,000 gallons of water. Later the Loch Lomond supply came to Linlithgow and the quarry was no longer needed as a reservoir for the town.

In 1965 some brown trout were released into the quarry from the nearby Haugh Burn.

The quarry and the surrounding land was bought back by the Shanks family in 1976 and eventually, in 1993 it was decided to make it into a fishery.